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Jenny - Lost in Marlborough, MA

Last seen Tuesday, 6/26/2012 at 10 Royal Crest Drive in Marlborough, MA.  Jenny is most likely still around the apartment complex, but could have travelled towards Hosmer Road, Briarwood Lane, Kings Grant Road, Old Charter Road, Clinton Street, or Benjamin Road.  Please help us find her!

This is an OLD PHOTOGRAPH taken several years ago.  Jenny is heavier now, but her markings are the same.  She has a dark, siamese-like tail.

Jenny was adopted from Passion 4 Paws several years ago.  Last Tuesday she was supposed to come back to us because her owners were moving and unable to take Jenny with them.  Unfortunately she escaped when they tried to put her in a cat carrier on the 2nd Floor Balcony of 10 Royal Crest Drive, Marlborough.  She has a new home waiting for her!  Please help us find her.

At this point the owners have moved away and Jenny is outside on her own and the 4th of July is TOMORROW!  She is an indoor cat and very frightened.  The fireworks tomorrow will terrify her.  We have traps in the area, but we need people to commit to helping us monitor them. 

If you see Jenny, please don't try to catch her.  If you could give her some food & water that would be great.  Most importantly, please call or email us the date, time and her exact location when you spotted her.  If you could leave us your name and contact number that would be appreciated, in case we have any questions.

Kathie at (860) 608-2447




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