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Passion 4 Paws has a new look!

We hope you like our new look! We couldn't have done it without some extraordinary individuals: Terri Haas, whose vision and talent brought our new logo to life. Suzanne Palys of TreeFrog Communications, who designed our dog and cat graphics. Sam Cohen, of New Media Solutions, who hooked us up with his fabulous web designer, Kevin McConnaughay.  Kevin took our sketches and created this amazing website.  A website that we are very proud of, and far surpasses our expectations. We will continue to develop it's content so it can become a resource for adopters and prospective adopters alike.  Have a suggestion?  Want to see something special?  Send us an email with your idea, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.



I love your new web look! So friendly and inviting to keep clicking on the different links. I adopted 2 beautiful purr kids from P4P 2 years ago, and they are the dearest, sweetest fur kids. They have blended into our family of 5: me and 2 purr girls and 2 purr boys. Congratulations on your new look! Cat, a very satisfied customer! Vernon

We are very excited about our new look, and have many exciting things planned for the future. This site is still being developed, so check back regularly to see what's new. And please tell all of your friend's about Passion 4 Paws so we can find more wonderful homes like yours for our animals!

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