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Phoenix: Adopted after waiting 5 years!

Phoenix was left behind when his family moved years ago. The neighbors regularly left food on their porch for their cats, so he didn't starve, but he almost died when he was attacked by a fisher cat. The attack on Phoenix was one of the worst attack-cases we have ever seen (and we've seen a lot). When he arrived at Passion 4 Paws, Phoenix had a massive infection and wounds all over his body. He has waited patiently for 5 long years, and now, thanks to new mom Beth, Phoenix's dream of living in a loving home with friendly dogs (he loves dogs) and cats has finally come true! Phoenix's new family includes Duke (a 7 year old Great Dane), Bella (a 5 year old Golden Retriever), and Jinx & Hemingway (both 2.5 year old kitties). Phoenix is in heaven!

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