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The Story of Auntie Goose

Ten years ago someone thoughtlessly dumped a gaggle of domestic geese at a local reservoir.  We found homes for all but one, who we call Auntie GooseAuntie Goose prefers to live with, and mentor the Canadian Geese who also live there. Each year she adopts one couple, and helps them raise their young.  Auntie Goose will honk and hiss to ward off any potential evil that comes near her adoptive family, and remains constantly by their sides. Our attempts to catch Auntie Goose have been unsuccessful.  She is not a very friendly goose. Oh sure, she'll come around expecting food, but that's the extent of her interest in people. She has her own plans for the day, and after eating her meal, she will waddle thanklessly away. One day recently, when one of our volunteers drove by, there sat Auntie Goose in the middle of the road. Usually, when a car approaches, she will hustle the other geese into the water and then stand guard, honking as the cars pass by. This day was different.  Auntie Goose was just sitting there with her head down, unaware that Kathie had gotten out of the car and was standing over her.  When she picked her up, Auntie Goose never flapped a feather.  Kathie brought Auntie Goose to the shelter, where she started eating, drinking, and of course pooping, but she was still dazed, so we took her to see an aviary vet.  The vet diagnosed Auntie Goose with a bonk on the head, perhaps from a tree branch.  While she was there, he gave her a physical and some medicine to treat intestinal parasites. Four days later, Auntie Goose was good as new. The photos below show Kathie releasing Aunty Goose back into the wild, where she is happily floating and flapping in the pond with her Canadian friends.


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