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Alfredo & Jasper (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Rat Terrier and Papillion Mix



3 1/2 year old ALFREDO and his 1 1/2 year old son JASPER are truly bonded and are looking for a home where they can stay together forever.

ALFREDO is 50% Rat Terrier and 50% Papillion and weighs 13.7 lbs. His son JASPER is 75% Rat Terrier and 25% Papillion, but he weighs just under 7 lbs! It's hard to believe it because you'd think it was the other way around, but in this case their looks are deceiving.

Both ALFREDO & JASPER are timid when meeting new people, but once you gain their trust they will quickly become your best friend.

They are both lap dogs who always enjoy being close by their people. They know basic commands and are house broken and crate trained. ALFREDO & JASPER get along well with other dogs and cats after proper introductions have been made.

JASPER will bring you small random gifts and if you catch him he'll release them you you say, "Give me the yuckier".

ALFREDO likes to hold hands and will stand on your knees if you sit in a chair, batting your hand with his paw, literally wanting you to lightly hold it. He will sometimes come up and "talk" as if he's having a full-on conversation with you.

ALFREDO looks after JASPER. He encourages him and lets him know that things are OK. This is why we are going to be keeping them together. They both do better together then when separated.

Both dogs are neutered, vaccinated, heart worm and Lyme tested (negative), and microchipped.

Click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog. They are awesome and they are waiting! ALFREDO & JASPER are currently being fostered in New Milford, CT.