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Aliki & Pita (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
DSH Calico & DSH Tuxedo

Meet Mama ALIKI (calico) and her fabulous emotional support kitten PITA (tuxedo). 

ALIKI came to us the beginning of April 2023 heavily pregnant. She was just a teenager herself having become pregnant during her first heat cycle. She had survived the streets of Hartford, risking her life daily to cross a busy road to eat at a feral colony. Luckily, the woman feeding the feral cats trapped ALIKI in the nic' of time, and on April 5th (literally days after her rescue) she delivered 5 kittens.

Four of ALIKI's kittens have been adopted, leaving just ALIKI and PITA still available. ALIKI desperately want to stay together with PITA. PITA loves her mom to pieces and would be happy to stay with her, but the truth is ALIKI needs PITA more than PITA needs ALIKI. PITA will do well in an y home, but we worry about ALIKI's emotional state if PITA leaves.
PITA is a perfect kitten. She loves to play and has been lonely since her sisters left. They used to run around and wrestle together, but nowadays her favorite activity is zooming up and down the hallway and spinning in circles chasing the laser pointer. PITA is kind and sweet to the other 7 cats in the house and is not afraid of the crazy dog who likes to chase her. She needs someone who will play with her.
ALIKI is very sweet. She's quiet and shy and just starting to come out of her shell. Much of that success has been because of PITA being so brave and demonstarting to her mom that people are okay. (Bribing her with a Churu also goes a long way...) The bottom line for ALIKI is that she needs a quiet and patient home that will allow her to settle in and go at her own pace. She has free reign of her foster home, although there's a cat room that she & PITA use as home base. That's ALIKI's comfort zone. During the day she's out and about, usually sleeping on the couch, in a patch of sun in the entraceway, or on the cat tower with PITA nearby.
ALIKI was born approximately 07.25.2022. PITA was born in her foster home on 04.05.2023. Both are spayed, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and negative for feline aids and leukemia. 
Could you love them both so they can stay together?  They are such beautiful cats and truly care for each other.
To adopt ALIKI and PITA please submit an online application to adopt a cat. They are being fostered in New Milford, CT.