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Arlo & Zeke

Type of Animal: 
DSH Grey & Black Tabby



ARLO & ZEKE are perfection. They have been with us since they were orphaned at just 3 weeks old.

Their mom was hit by a car and killed, and the kittens were rescued by a homeless man. He tried to take care of them, but when he realized he couldn't help them he found a rescuer tending to a feral cat colony and surrendered them.

Thank goodness he did, because the boys were very small and had developed bronchitis. Their foster parents had to bottle feed them 3-4 times a day in the beginning, but now they are big boys and eat on their own.

We are estimating their birthdate to be around 06.01.2023, based on when they can in. ARLO is a. bit bigger than ZEKE, but they are both healthy, happy, playful, and full of love. They live in a home with two teenagers and two other male cats. ARLO & ZEKE love to play with one of the cats who is still a kitten, but much bigger than they are. They love to chase wand toys and mice, climb thier cat tower, and snuggle with their humans.

You will not find more perfect kittens.

They are still a bit too small to be neutered, especially since they've only just recovered from bronchitis, but the neuter surgery is part of their adoption package once they are big enough to go under anesthesia.

If you are interested in adopting ARLO & ZEKE please submit an online application to adopt a cat.

They are being fostered in Brookfield, CT.