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Audrey Hepburn (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
DSH Tabby & Tiger Mix


AUDREY is approximately 10 years old and had been surviving on the streets for at least the past year. Her human passed away and the caretakers tossed her and 5 other cats outside and slammed the door.

Luckily for AUDREY and her friends JOSH, PETER, EMMETT & GRETA, they had a Guardian Angel who fed them so they didn’t starve. But recently one of the cats was found dead and that prompted us being contacted to help with the remaining 5.

AUDREY is so sweet! We love her. But when we were bathing her on arrival, we felt a mammary tumor. On closer inspection we could see that it was open and infected.

AUDREY went straight to the vet for a full workup - exam, bloodwork and x-rays, and the tumor appeared to be localized. She was emaciated, weighing only 6 lbs, so we’ve been feeding her well and putting some weight on her. We had to administer fluids daily for the first week because her kidney values were a bit wonky and she received an antibiotic to help clear the infection and shrink the tumor so the surgery would be less invasive.

AUDREY had her tumor removed on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 and while the biopsie showed clean margins, it also revealed that AUDREY has an aggressive adenocarcinoma. There was a high liklihood that some cells had already escaped to somewhere else in her body, and upon follow up x-rays in mid-March the vet could see some small spots on her liver and lungs.

The cancer is back. AUDREY most likely has less than a year left, so we are keeping her in her foster home until the end, whenever that may be. Unless you are home all the time and want to take on a terminal cat to give her an amazing final few months, please consider a donation towards AUDREY's care. She will need x-rays and bloodwork monthly, and when her time comes we will euthanize her humanely so she will never suffer.

AUDREY is spayed and negative for feline aids and leukemia. She gets along fine with other cats and doesn’t mind cat-friendly dogs.

We love AUDREY so much, and after what she’s been through we are determined to give her a fabulous home where she can live out her days in the lap of luxury.

You can donate to AUDREY by clicking the DONATE button..