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Autumn (Brookfield)

Type of Animal: 
DMH Tortoiseshell

Autumn is an AMAZING cat! We rescued her and 8 other momma cats along with their kittens in May 2019 from a hoarding situation. At the time Autumn was pregnant and on May 9th delivered 5 beautiful kittens (Ash, Smudge, Jet, Cinders and Timmy) in her foster home.

Autumn's kittens are getting ready for adoption and now it's time for sweet Autumn to get on with her life too.

Autumn is 5 years old, and we know that she delivered at least 4 litters of babies while living in that hoarding house. One of those babies is her 2 years old daughter Sofie, who is raising babies of her own in a separate foster home.

Autumn LOVES people. She is currently being fostered by a wonderful family with two teenage children who spend a lot of time with Autumn and her kittens. Autumn is not exactly a lap cat, but she will sit next to you on the couch while you watch TV. She enjoys playing with the feather wand and chase the laser pointer.

Autumn will be fine getting adopted into a home with no other pets, as long as her people are around to spend a lot of time with her. She also gets along really well with other cats. If you would be interested in a bonded pair, we believe that Autumn would love to be reunited with her daughter Sofie.

Autumn is FIV/FeLV negative. She will be spayed prior to adoption. We classify her as somewhere between a medium- and short-haired cat. Her body fur is shorter, but she has a fluffy tail that doesn't come out in the photos.

Click here to submit an online application to adopt a cat. She's waiting.