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Baba (Waterbury)

Type of Animal: 
Long-Haired Tri-Color Spaniel Mix

13 year old Baba has not lived a good life (until now). We first learned of her situation when her owner went to prison and his relatives tried to give Baba away for free on Craig's List. When her owner got out of prison Baba was unfortunately returned to him. Within weeks he was on the lam, and had tied Baba up and abandoned her in an inner city park before hitting the road.

This is when we intervened.

When we took Baba to the vet for some much needed veterinary care, we discovered she had Lyme disease. She has now finished her medication and is feeling so much better! She's also learning what it means to live in a loving and stable home environment and now that's she's settled in, her personality has begun to emerge, and we're even seeing some glimpses of an inner diva in the sense that Baba LOVES to go for walks and car rides, and she's begun expecting them daily from her her foster mom.

Even though Baba is 13 years old, she has a lot of spunk in her step and she wants to get out and explore the world. Whoever adopts her must be looking for a companion dog to take for those walks and car rides. She may be small, but she has stamina and can easily walk loinger than 30 minutes.

Baba enjoys the company of other dogs and is currently living in a home with 3 small dogs. She prefers respectful dogs who will not steal her food or her bone, as she has never had these delectables before and she wants to keep them to herself. In fact, Baba was raised on Vienna sausages. We know. It's totally disgusting, and it took us a while to get her off of them and solely eating good quality dog food. She likes her dog food now, and all is good.

Baba barks at cats, so a home with cats is probably not a good idea.  

Baba will be shy at first. She's had a rough time trusting humans in the past, so you will need to be extremely patient and not push her too hard or too fast. She will need to get to know you and decompress after yet another move. The best way to do that is by taking her for nice walks, feeding her rotisserie chicken (but NOT Vienna sausages) and putting her in the car for a nice drive. Once she's settled in she will sit on the couch with you and even sleep in bed if you'll let her, but that will most likely take a few weeks so you'll have to be patient.

To adopt Baba and show her the world, please click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog.