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Bambi & Milo (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
BAMBI and MILO came to us on April 12, 2020 after they became homeless. These poor dogs and their mom lived in their car and even spent a few nights on the street in the cold before moving into a motel. Their mom knew this was no life for two small dogs, and she loved them enough to let us find them a safe new home together.
BAMBIi is 4 years old and TINY, weighing only 3 lbs. She is incredibly sweet and playful and doesn't have a mean bone in her little body. BAMBI is the perfect name for her because she looks like a little deer and even prances like one when she walks. She belonged to someone else until a couple of years ago when they gave her away for free on Facebook to the person we got her from. BAMBI loves to cuddle with MILO and all people, and she's incredibly generous with her kisses. She is an absolute angel.
MILO is 11 years young and weighs approximately 6-7 lbs.  He lived with his mom since he was a puppy. You would never know that MILO is 11 if we didn't tell you, because he has a wonderful, playful energy and he loves BAMBI with all his heart. The move was harder on MILO because he'd only ever known one person, but he has fully adjusted now and is incredibly happy.  MILO can be silly; he's super cute, and he too loves to cuddle. In typical small dog fashion he sometimes doesn't want to share his human with another human, but in his foster home he has learned that it's ok to do so and more attention for him. He shares anything he has with BAMBI, who is the love of his life.
BAMBI, as small as she is, is definitely the boss. It took her a while but she has finally made friends with the other dogs and cats in her foster home.  MILO seems to enjoy running around with the other dogs, but both he and BAMBI are perfectly happy going to a home with no other pets. As long as they have each other they will be happy. Teenage kids would be ok, but due to BAMBI's extremely small size, small children are not a good idea.
BAMBI is spayed, vaccinated, negative for heartworm and tick born illnesses, microchipped, and she's had a full dental with extractions so she only has one tooth left in her tiny mouth.  She also had x-rays done on her front left leg to see if she suffered a past injury which sometimes causes her to limp, but their were no fractures seen, so the vet believes it is a soft tissue injury from over exertion.  MILO is neutered, vaccinated, negative for heartworm and tick born diseases, microchipped, and he too had a dental with extractions. He now has slightly more teeth than BAMBI in his mouth. 

BAMBI and MILO are being fostered in New Milford, CT.  To apply to adopt them please click here.