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Type of Animal: 
Mastiff / American Bull Dog Mix



Diesel is an awesome 8 year old American Bulldog/Mastiff mix.  His birthday is June 15, 2011. He was acquired from a breeder as a puppy, but at 18 months old had to be removed from his home because his owner was not treating him well. We placed him in a wonderful home where he became best friends with a little boy.
But now, due to life-altering circumstances beyond Diesel's control, he is losing his home and his best friend. He needs a forever home ASAP!
Diesel is healthy and weighs approximately 130 lbs! He is neutered, vaccinated, and house broken. Although he is crate trained, he does perfectly well on his own in the home without supervision. Diesel is a well behaved dog who never chews anything that hasn't been given to him.
DIESEL LOVES KIDS!  He likes to play with and watch over them. Diesel sometimes reacts to small animals outside, including cats, so a home with no cats is best. 
He used to live with a passive, low-key female senior chocolate lab in his foster home and was fine with her. He seems to do well with other low-key dogs. Because of his shear size we sent him to John Gagnon's Pet Resort in Colchester, CT for a formal behavioral assessment before we placed him a few years ago. Within minutes of entering the yard Diesel was tooling around without a muzzle, interacting perfectly with the 25-30 dogs in the yard.  On some occasions, when a dog got into Diesel's personal space, whether to play or just investigate, Diesel would correct the dog letting him know to back him away. This was NOT aggression, but clear dog-to-dog communication.  However, given Diesel's size, this could be unsettling for some people. The important point is that once the other dogs backed off, Diesel settled right down. He never attempted to bite, he just gave good clear communication to the other dog to back off.
We would prefer Diesel be the only animal in the home unless his adopters are extremely experienced with large breed dogs and we have deemed the other dog to be a good fit for Diesel.
Diesel lives for his humans!  He will want to be near you all the time and will adapt to your schedule  - he'll eat when you eat and sleep when you sleep, preferably next to your bed. Diesel does not all. Not even on the bed, so he would need a lot of coaxing to get all the way up on the bed with you if you wanted him to sleep with you. He does however like to cuddle on the couch, and believes himself to be a lap dog!  All Diesel wants is to be held and petted and snuggled with.
If you can offer Diesel a safe and loving forever home please click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog.