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Elliot & Elias (Bonded Pair)

Type of Animal: 
Siamese Mix

Elliot & Elias are bonded brothers searching for their forever home.
Elliot & Elias were born on September 4th, 2016. For the first 12 weeks of their life they were confined in a filthy dog crate with their mom Sofie. Neither mom nor the kittens were well when they arrived at their foster home the day after Thanksgiving, but after being nursed back to health they all thrived and went on to what we believed to be their "forever homes" in early 2017.
Unfortunately it was short lived for Elliot & Elias, whose family returned them to their foster mom because they didn't have the patience for two kittens. 
Elliot & Elias are AWESOME so we know that they were not in the right home. They are super sweet, cuddly, very nice boys. They love to play, but they play gently with their toys and with each other.  While they do not "climb the curtains" like some kittens, that isn't to say they never get into mischief. They will jump on the counters from time to time especially if you leave food out.
Eliott & Elias grew up not getting enough to eat, and as a result are hyper-enthusiastic about food. This is something that will subside in time once they realize that food will always be provided to them, but for now they become very excited when it’s meal time. They are currently fed Dave's canned cat food for breakfast & dinner and a small amount of dry food for a lunch time snack. THEY ARE NOT FREE FED because they would over-indulge and become sick, and it’s absolutely okay to curb them off the lunchtime feeding if you want to.
Elliot & Elias live in a foster home with 5 adult cats and a 50 lb pit bull mix and get along well with all of them. 
At night they sleep curled up together between their foster mom & dad's pillows. They enjoy looking out the window, basking in the sunshine, and chasing the laser light. 
Elliot & Elias have great personalities and desire a family who will include them in their lives and spoil them rotten.
Elliot & Elias are neutered, vaccinated, and negative for both feline aids (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV).
For more information call Stephanie at (203) 912-2016. They are being fostered in New Milford, CT.
This is Elliot & Elias's first adoption video: