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Eudora & Eunike (bonded pair)

Type of Animal: 
DSH Tabby & Tiger Mix







Meet EUDORA & EUNIKE, two of the most COURAGEOUS, LOVING & JOYFUL SURVIVORS you will ever meet.

EUDORA & EUNIKE have been with us since June 2020 after spending a month at Animal Control. They had been discovered alone at a construction site in Waterbury, CT when they were barely 8 weeks old. They suffer from a condition called cerebellar hyerplasia (CH), which affects their motor skills, causing them to have a splayed, wobbly, swimmers gait. It's amazing they survived outside all alone on their own since they were unable to fend for themselves.

We named them after two of the Nereides, sea-nymph daughters of Nereus, the old man of the sea.  

The most important thing to know about EUDORA & EUNIKE is that they love their life and have no idea that they have special needs.

In addition to having CH, EUNIKE & EUDORA were both suffering from the absolute worst urinary tract infections our vet had ever seen when they were rescued. It has taken months to get it under control, which is why we are just posting them. 

While fighting to clear up the infection, we focused on building strength in their leg muscles so they could walk better. We took them to multiple vets for different treatments, including chiropractic and acupuncture. They have improved so much!  Not only can they walk, they can run, they can climb, and most of the time you wouldn't even know they have CH.

As for the UTIs, we have finally figured them out. Apparently the girls have a neurological condition that prevents their brains from signaling the detruser muscle in their bladders that they need to pee. This causes them to retain urine, which can then cause bacteria to grow; thus the UTIs. The fact that they had to drag their little bodies all over that construction site in Waterbury with splayed legs made things so much worse in the beginning.

Through it all, the girls never showed discomfort. They played, and loved, and taught us all how to live each day with joy, no matter what challenges life throws at us.

To combat this their foster mom has been expressing their bladders twice a day. She does it after they eat, by putting them in the litter box and expressing them while they are standing up. They also take a medication called bethanicol, which stimulates their bladder muscles and helps them pee.  It costs $19 through Good Rx for an approximately 6 week prescription, depending on what dose they are getting. EUDORA receives a higher dose than EUNIKE. It's also possible they might not need medication at all if their bladders are expressed 3 times per day.

We are looking for that special someone who can accept EUDORA & EUNIKE for the amaizing kittens they are, and who doesn't care that they have special needs. We will teach their adopter everything they need to know about how to care for EUDORA & EUNIKE so that they can all live a long and healthy, amazing life together.

If you are looking for two amazing kittens to bring you hope and joy, then look no further. Go to and submit an online application to adopt a cat. They're waiting.

EUDORA & EUNIKE were born approximately 3.28.2020. They are negative for feline aids (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV).