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Foxy (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Chihuahua and Minature Pincher Mix

10-11 year old FOXY came to us in early November 2019 as an owner surrender. Her 85 year old human is unwell and can no longer care for FOXY.

When we picked her up we noticed three things: one, she is mostly blind from advanced cataracts, two, she reeked of smoke, and three, she had a little cough.

We took her straight to the vet for an exam and geriatric bloodwork. FOXY desperately needs a dental with extractions, but her bloodwork showed an elevated BNP, which can be indicative of heart failure. She also has a grade 3 heart murmur, so she needed the echo and chest x-ray to diagnose what’s going on.

Test results show that her lungs are clear, so the little cough is most likely from a collapsed trachea, which is common in chi’s, or irritation of the airway from living in a smoking environment. (She’s now in a smoke free home and potential adopters must also be smoke-free.)

The echo does show early mitral valve disease, so FOXY must take medication to slow the progression. Her current regimen includes 3 meds that cost us. a little over $50 for a month supply at the vet office, but they can be purchased at a lower cost elsewhere, like Wal-Mart or Costco or using GoodRx.

We haven't given up on getting FOXY a dental, but the vet says she has to be stabilized on her heart meds for a few weeks before we can consider it. If you would like to donate to FOXY medical care you can do so here:

Rest assured that FOXY’s life has just begun! We moved her to our New Milford location where she was warmly greeted by our Canine Foster Daddy NEVILLE and his motley crew of cats. (FOXY was happy to meet all of them and settled in easily. You'll see some of them in the photos of her.)

NEVILLE and team have been overseeing FOXY’s Bucket List of adventures until she finds her forever home.

First up was a trip to the Danbury Fair Mall where she traveled around in a little doogy papoose to explore the Apple Store and then to Macy’s to meet some new friends.

FOXY is super sweet!  She is completely housebroken and loves to wander around the yard to stretch her legs. Other than that, she loves to sleep! She's very snuggly and likes to curl up under blankets.

FOXY please click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog.