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Jasmine (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Long-haired Chihuahua

Meet JASMINE! She came to us at the end of January 2020. Her owner was a victim of domestic violence, and once she got herself to safety she surrendered JASMINE so we could get her the medical attention she needs and find her a safe and stable home.

JASMINE is 9 years old. When she was a puppy her owner applied Frontline, a topical flea/tick treatment to her back. After that, JASMINE's fur began to fall out. Her allopecia has progressed over the years, so that now she is completely bald on her back. 

When JASMINE came to us we immediately set up an appointment with our homeopahtic vet.  We have all of JASMINE's previous vet records, and knew her condition was one that needed a different approach. After reviewing all of Jasmine’s previous vet records and diagnostics, our vet believes JASMINE has an endocrine disorder, which is why she has progressively been losing her fur over the course of her life. Having Frontline applied may have been a catalyst to disrupting the endocrine system when she was a puppy. 

JASMINE is also allergic to chicken and grains, so we have her on a strict beef diet. She is currently eating RAWGanics raw beef and loves it. (JASMINE LOVES TO EAT!)

We administered a homeopathic remedy and have her on a thyroid supplement from Standard Process. We’re starting to feel some stubble on her back, but don’t want to get our hopes up just yet. 

Truth be told, JASMINE’s fur may never grow back. Only time will tell.

JASMINE is good with other dogs and cats, as long as they are mellow and respectful. She does not like anyone in her face, but if the other animals are respectful of her, then she is respectful of them.

JASMINE does not allow people to kiss her face or head, but we are working on that. Once she trusts you she will give you kisses, but she doesn't want to be kissed back. She will need a respectful and patient owner who will let her determine when it's time for kisses. She has no problem being picked up and carried. It's just the kissing part she's nervous about.

JASMINE is housebroken and she will also use a pee pad. She prefers to go outside and enjoys a nice walk.

JASMINE is up to date on her vaccines but she is not yet spayed. We cannot spay her until her condition improves, and even then, spaying her may cause her hair loss to get worse. Whoever adopts JASMINE needs to understand that her fur may never grow back and needs to be okay with that.

If you are interested in JASMINE please click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog.