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Josie (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Domestic Short Haired Brown & White Tabby

Meet Josie!

Josie is just a baby herself (born approximately 9/2017) and clearly getting pregnant during her first heat. (Her babies Harry, Meghan and Markle were born approximately 4/27/2018.)

Here's the thing; somebody cared enough about Josie when she was a kitten to put a little flea collar on her before turning her loose out in the world to fend for herself. When we got Josie, that flea collar was so tight it was about to become embedded in her neck because she had grown since it was put on her.

We don't know how she ended up all alone in the world taking care of babies in the garden of an empty home, but luckily the home owners came back to put the house on the market and found her and her kittens. We trapped Josie during a period of heavy rain and thunderstorms and it's a good thing because her babies could have drowned outside.

Josie is timid around people (who can blame her) but she has come a long way. She actually enjoys being petted, but she's afraid of the approach. Josie is an excellent mum and has raised 3 beautiful babies. Harry is now adopted, so she spends her days hanging out with Meghan and Markle. She also gets along really well with the 12 other cats in her foster home and multiple dogs.

If you have the patience to extend to Josie so she can come further out of her shell and learn to trust humans again, she is really an excellent cat. She never gets into trouble and because she's non-confrontational with other animals, she really does makes an excellent pet.

She would love to get adopted with her daughter Meghan or with her son Markle, or BOTH!

Josie is spayed and FIV/FeLV negative. She is being fostered in New Milford, CT. 

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