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Keanu (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Maine Coon & Tiger Mix

KEANU was an outside cat - or at least an inside/outside cat for the past 3 years, but when he started limping we got a call to come get him.

We were originally told he was a stray cat who had showed up in the people's yard a month ago and now was limping. One never knows what to expect in these situations, but in KEANU's case, he was lounging in the yard with the pit bull when we arrived, and 3 little kids were running around playing right next to him.

We called him over and he came straight away, limping on his rear leg.

As it turned out, he'd been living there for 3 years! The people had been feeding him and the kids had named him. He was their cat. But for whatever reason, they no longer wanted him.

KEANU is such a nice cat who lost his home in the blink of an eye, most likely because his family couldn't afford to address his injured leg. As it turns out, his leg isn't even injured! It's a congenital condition call gluteal muscular atrophy. He was born with it. The muscle in his rear leg is atrophied, which sometimes causes him to limp. It does not need medical treatment.

KEANU is a short haired cat, but has a wide mantle of fur at his neck. He is absolutely gorgeous and he's super sweet!

He is now neutered, vaccinated, and negative for feline aids (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV). The vet believes him to be approximately 5 years old.

KEANU is now living in a foster home with two dogs (a 50 lb pit bull mix and a 5.5 lb chihuahua) and 7 other cats. He seems to do well with all of the animals he has met. If you can offer KEANU the forever home of his dreams, please click here to submit an online application to adopt a cat. He's ready and he's AWESOME!