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Lola (Stratford)

Type of Animal: 
Black & White Shih Tzu Mix



PLEASE NOTE: The video is from LOLA's original rescue last year when she was in terrible condition. It is included merely so you can see that she is completely ambulatory.

Meet LOLA, a lovely 7 year old shih tzu. We rescued LOLA last year from a tragic situation. 2 years prior she'd been hit by a car and suffered spinal trauma. Her owner had refused medical treatment and the damage had left LOLA ambulatory, but incontinent. She came to us covered in fleas and with a skin condition from food allergies and flea dermatitis.

We placed LOLA in an amazing home with a woman who rescues special needs animals and LOLA has flourished. She's been receiving monthly chiropractic care which has been helping a lot and we'd hope whoever adopts her will continue chiropractic treatment and possibly acupuncture. Her diet has been upgraded and her skin has also improved.

LOLA's mom loves LOLA, but her work requires clients come into her home regularly where she has to put all the dogs in another room. The anxiety of this has been causing LOLA to redirect on the other dogs.

It's not that LOLA can't live with another friendly dog, it's merely that she's currently living with several dogs in a unique situation that is causing her stress.

LOLA LOVES PEOPLE! She is the type of dog who bonds quickly with her people and who will become your lifelong companion. She will do best in a home where someone is around most of the time.

It is very easy to express LOLA's bladder and we can teach you how to do it. She wears a diapers with a pad inside and this works well. We also keep her fur groomed short so it's easier to keep her clean.

LOLA needs a very special person who will love her for everything she brings to the table and who can attend to her special needs.

If that's you, submit an online application to adopt a dog. LOLA is being fostered in Stratford, CT and she is waiting!