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Mila (Brookfield)

Type of Animal: 
Black & White DMH
Babies having babies. That's the situation with poor MILA. She is approximately 8-9 months old (DOB 03.02.2022) and she's already had a litter of kittens. The people who had her gave all of her kittens away unvetted to unknown people, kept one kitten for themselves, then gave MILA to us. 
It's actually a good thing for MILA, because she is now spayed and will never have to have another litter of babies. But it's also a good thing because she was not living in a safe environment. She was kept locked in a dirty little room all alone, and now she's safe, she's healthy, and coming out of her shell as she realizes her world just got a whole lot better.
MILA was so traumatized when she first arrived that she just lay frozen in her little bed. She still takes comfort in her little cat room, but when her foster family carries her out to the living room she'll lie right beside them on the couch or in their lap to watch TV.
MILA LOVES PEOPLE and receiving affection. She has even started to play - something she didn't know how to do when she first arrived.
She will do best in a quiet home. Kids are okay as long as they are gentle and respectful. Too many animals in the home is overwhelming for MILA, so a home with either no other pets or one mellow, non-confrontational animal is the best situation for her.
To adopt MILA please submit an online application to adopt a cat. She is spayed, vaccinated for rabies & distemper, and negative for feline aids (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV). She's being fostered in Brookfield, CT but adoption showings will take place in either New Milford or Waterbury, CT.