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MILLIE (watch her video!)

Type of Animal: 
American Staffordshire Terrier Mix









Milie is approximately 10 years old. During those 10 years she was bred for litter after litter of puppies. She suffered physical abuse at the hands of some heartless monster who kicked and hit her. Millie's body is scarred. Her legs are bowed, causing a limp. She has a massive cataract in her right eye and a small one starting in her left. She's missing several bottom teeth and according to the vet, there was evidence of old and new blunt force trauma all over her body.

Millie may be old and scarred, but she is not defeated! Her spirit soars and she explores her days with a spring to her step.

Millie is happy! She is full of love and gratitude at her new life, even though her new life involves living (for now) in a kennel.

MILLIE LOVES ALL PEOPLE! She will greet you as if you are her best friend and you've known each other forever. Her knickname is "Wiggle Butt".

Millie now has lots of friends who love her and take her for car rides. MILLIE LOVES CAR RIDES!  

Millie has seen several vets in order for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of her medical needs. Her hind legs both show evidence of past cruciate or patellar injury, but they are not painful and surgery will not repair the damage. She may one day become arthritic, but for now she can maneuver and jump just fine. Regarding the cataract in her right eye, it has rendered her mostly blind. There is a small cataract in her left eye which has started to cause some trouble, so Millie is seeing an eye specialist to figure out a treatment plan to save whatever eyesight she has left.  It appears that at this point she can see shadows, and that the majority of her sight is diminished.  We were originally told that the corneas were symmetrical and she did not need to have her eye removed, but we will see what happens down the road. The large hematoma on her left side that you may notice in the first video has completely disappeared. 

Millie had a formal behavioral assessment by the trainers at John Gagnon's Pet Resort in Colchester, CT.  While it appears that Millie likes some dogs, just like people she is selective. On top of that her blindness could be a factor in how she respondes to animals running up to her face. She has had mulitple cat interactions, and again, with calm cats Mille is less interested, but when a cat hisses or swats, MIllie will react. We feel that the best situtaion for Millie is a home with no other animals.

Millie won't care, because frankly all she wants is someone to love and to be their companion. 

Millie is currently located in New Milford, CT.  If you would like to adopt or foster Millie please click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog.