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Mitsy (East Haddam)

Type of Animal: 
Jack Russell Mix



Mitsy is a 12 year old Jack Russel mix.  She was born in 2005 and has lived her entire life with a family who didn’t love her.  In their own words they claimed to feel “no emotional connection” to her.  

Perhaps they loved her early on, but not since 2008 when Mitsy was attacked by a coyote who grabbed her by the neck causing severe trauma. (Mitsy's records even indicate that prior to 2008 she had also been attacked by a fox.) In any event, after the coyote attack, Mitsy began acting out, sometimes aggressively while being petted.
The vet believed her outbursts to be due to pain sustained from her injuries, but her family refused to treat her.  Instead they simply stopped loving her and interacting with her.
The psychological trauma of a coyote attack is enough to scar any dog for life. But coupled with the residual pain from that attack and the heartbreak of being abandoned by her family has caused Mitsy severe emotional distress. 
Finally the day came when her family decided it was time for Mitsy to go.  They took her to the vet to be euthanized but the vet refused to do it because she didn’t believe it was the right thing to do.  She believes Mitsy can be treated for her pain and that in time the psychological trauma can be minimized as well.
Mitsy needs someone who will love her, but not push her. She likes to be close for company, but she doesn’t necessarily want to be petted, especially around her neck area. She need a compassionate owner who will love her no matter what, but will not be offended if Mitsy doesn’t want to be touched.
To her credit, Mitsy LOVES the company of cats and will do great in a home with one or more cats for her to hang out with.  We do not know how Mitsy is with other dogs, but are certain that she would not want to be around an energetic dog who will jump on her or try to play. If anything, it would need to be a low-energy senior dog, but an introduction would be required with any potential adopter.
Mitsy has some medical needs.  She requires a special, grain-free diet to combat some skin issues, most likely the result of food sensitivities. Currently she is eating Hills Prescription Diet Z/D (1/2 of a 5.5 oz can AM and PM) with a 1/2 cup of Z/D kibble mixed in with the wet food AM and PM.
For medications, Mitsy is taking Apoquel 3.6 mg (once daily) and Claritin Non-Drowsy 10 mg (1/2 tablet twice daily) for the allergies, but the expectation is that once the allergies are in check those medications may be reduced or eliminated.  Mitsy is also receiving Rimadyl Chewable 25 mg (1/2 chewable tablet twice daily) for pain.  This medication or another type of pain medication may likely be needed for the rest of her life.
Mitsy is a very sweet dog who doesn’t believe that she is worthy of love.  She needs an angel to restore her faith and reestablish her self-worth.  Are you that angel?
Mitsy weighs only 16 lbs. She is spayed and vaccinated. Full medical records will be provided upon adoption.
If you are unable to adopt Mitsy, please SHARE her story so that we can find her a loving forever home.  She deserves to know love and comfort for the rest of her life.
Mitsy is being fostered in East Haddam, CT.  To submit an online application to adopt a dog click here.