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Mojo (Waterbury)

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MOJO is a wee little lass weighing just 4.6 lbs. He is 7 years old (estimated DOB 03.05.2016).

MOJO was surrendered to us a couple of months ago. He had been sick for approximately 12 months and his family couldn't afford to get him the vet care he required. He was very thin and had been vomiting almost daily for the past year.

As it turns out, he'd been allowed to wander around outside in the parking lot of his inner city apartment building and he was eating bird poop and who knows what else. He had open sores on his body and his family thought it was because the mice came out at night and were biting him because they could hear him crying. Yes - true story.

In the end we also ran a Glacier Peak allergy test on him and discovered that MOJO is allergic to almost everything, including BEEF, which he'd been eating.

He is not allergic to chicken, so we have him eating RAWGanics frozen raw chicken nuggets and he's doing great. If you adopt MOJO you will receive all of his vet records including the full Glacier Peak report, because you will have to read labels before feeding him new foods and treats. His allergies are this significant.

MOJO wants nothing more than a human or humans to love and spoil him. He wants you all to know that he loves snacks! He'll cuddle with you, sleep with you, give you kisses, accompany you in the car, follow you around. HE WILL LOVE YOU!

But, MOJO really does not want to live with other animals. He currently lives in a foster home with 3 small dogs and 2 cats and they all refer to him as the FUN POLICE. MOJO is in fact proud of his FUN POLICE status and gets great pleasure in interrupting the other dogs and cats good times.

MOJO has been neutered, vaccinated, he tested negative for heartworm and tick born illnesses and he had a dental with 9 tooth extractions to remove some nasty rotten teeth. The rest of his teeth are pearly white!

MOJO is a whole lot of personality in a tiny little package. He will keep you laughing and quickly become your BFF so if you love him, submit an online application to adopt a dog.

He's being fostered in Waterbury, CT.