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Mr Pickles (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Tiger Striped DLH Maine Coon Mix

Mr Pickles was picked up unresponsive on the streets of Waterbury by Animal Control and taken directly to the vet. They didn't think he was going to make it, but he pulled through. It was only after he came to and started moving around that we realized he was injured. And mostly blind.

Apparently somebody threw Mr Pickles up against a wall or something equally horrific, injuring his back and causing swellling to his spinal cord which rendered him blind in his left eye and mostly blind in his right. He has peripheral vision in his right eye which is why he often runs in circles to the right.

We had hoped that as Pickles healed and the swelling went down that his vision would return, but we cannot guarantee that will happen.

Mr Pickles gets along fine with other cats and dogs, but he's a grumble bunny when humans pick him up. That could still be because he has some pain, or because of his bad experience early on. Once he's in your lap he loves to be petted and will fall asleep.

And even though Pickle's is mostly blind, that doesn't stop him from navigating around his foster home and even up and down the stairs when he wants to.

Mr Pickles is FIV/FeLV negative and will be neutered prior to adoption. He is being fostered in New Milford, CT.