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Negrita (City Island, NY)

Type of Animal: 
Black Spaniel Mix

Negrita came to the United States with her owner from Uruguay. Her owner was elderly when he relocated to City Island, NY to live with his daughter a few years ago, but he brought his beloved companion Negrita with him. He had rescued her years before when she was just a puppy and took excellent care of her throughout her life. 

Negrita's owner passed away in October 2018 and now Negrita is living alone in their little cottage while she searches for a new companion to love and keep company.

Negrita is approximately 9 years old (as of 12/2018). She gets along with 3 other dogs of varying sizes who also live on the property, but her true motivation in life is to be someone's best friend and constant companion.

Negrita was devoted to her previous owner until the ambulance took him away to hospice care. She is still young - she loves to go for walks, but she's also perfectly comfortable sleeping next to you in her little bed.

Negrita is a perfect size - approximately 25 lbs. She is gentle, both in the way she takes treats and in how she receives and gives affection.

The truth is, black dogs are constantly overlooked in shelters, even when they have the best personalities. Please don't overlook Negrita because of the color of her fur.

She deserves better! She deserves to be loved and in return she will love you right back.

Negrita is waiting. She is currently being fostered in City Island, NY.

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