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Nori & Thomas (Brookfield)

Type of Animal: 
DSH Tabby Mix

NORI & THOMAS are a mother-son bonded pair. NORI was born approximately 01.13.2022, and was still a baby herself when she gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens on 09.18.2022. Their owner was giving them away for free, and by the time we got there only NORI & baby THOMAS were left.

NORI & THOMAS are a true bonded pair. Perhaps it's because NORI was so young when she gave birth and is still a kitten herself, but she and THOMAS are tight tight tight. They sleep together, play together, and basically hang out together all the time, so we aim to keep them together forever.

NORI is very talkative and will follow you around. She likes being picked up for short stints of affection, but if you're sitting on the couch she prefers to sit next to you as opposed to in your lap. She likes to move around.

THOMAS will curl up in your arms, your lap, your hoodie, wherever, and go to sleep. He's a big snuggler and an even bigger player. HE LOVES TO PLAY WITH THE FEATHER TOY! (NORI prefers to play with springs and mice.)

NORI and THOMAS are absolute perfection. They would be  great in a home with respectful children. They currently live in a home with 2 teenagers and one other male cat. We are not sure about dogs, but THOMAS loves everyone so we assume they'll be fine will a super cat-friendly, respectful dog.

They are negative for FIV/FeLV and are ready for adoption as soon as we can get NORI spayed. THOMAS is still too young, but he will be neutered as part of the adoption once he's big enough.

They are being fostered in Brookfield, CT. Submit an online application to adopt a cat if you would like to adopt them.