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Type of Animal: 
Snowshoe Siamese

CALLING ALL ANGELS! If there is ever a time when a miracle was warranted, it’s now.

Meet SNOW... He and his sister SMOKEY came to us back on September 26th, 2020 after becoming homeless. They had been moving with their mom between motels and friends houses throughout the year until their mom (who was becoming homeless once again) decided that was no life for SNOW & SMOKEY and surrendered them to us.

SMOKEY is a lovely 11 year old female Russian Blue mix who gets along with the other animals in her foster home and is a perfect fit for any home. SNOW on the other hand is an 8 year old male Snowshoe Siamese mix with a tortured past. He was originally purchased from a “breeder" by a family member of the woman we got him from. His original owner did not treat SNOW well, and early on in his life moved in with her boyfriend, leaving SNOW alone in her old apartment for weeks at a time. When she did stop in she dumped some food down and left, leaving SNOW to wonder when her next visit might be.

There is probably more to his back story but that is all we were told. Six years ago when his mom learned of his situation she rescued SNOW and brought him to live with her and SMOKEY. By then the damage had been done and SNOW had zero trust of humans. It took 3 months before his new mom was able to earn his trust. Once he felt safe he grew to love her very much, but losing her and transitioning into his current foster home has been difficult.

SNOW is a sweet, albeit emotionally stunted cat who craves love and affection, but who is also not for the feint of heart. He has massive trust issues and if you push him he will bite and/or scratch.

He was pretty scary the first week in his foster home, but now his foster mom and dad can pet him, pick him up, and he’ll even climb in their laps for snuggles. But when he’s done he’s done, and whoever adopts SNOW will need to understand and respect his signals.

SNOW is a very clear communicator. All you have to do is pay attention to his body language. SNOW requires an extremely slow transition into an adult home with no other pets except for SMOKEY, if you are interested in having a cats.

Why no other pets? Because we have no idea how he is with anyone other than SMOKEY, and the previous owner told us that when she first rescued SNOW he and SMOKEY used to fight and needed to be separated when left alone. We are not willing to risk having to break up a cat fight between SNOW and one of the other animals in the home, so SNOW stays in the cat room. SMOKEY on the other hand is allowed to free roam the house and she does just fine.

SMOKEY and SNOW are not bonded, but they do get along. And while SMOKEY doesn’t necessarily need SNOW, she is literally SNOW’s only friend.

SNOW will need a room to call his own in the beginning where he can decompress. This may take a week or it may take a month. We’ve had him since September and if there were no other animals in the house he’d be out and about by now, but we cannot make that promise when he moves again. All we can do is work closely with his adopter to assist in a smooth transition for everyone.

We took SNOW and SMOKEY to the vet and they are both healthy. They have been spayed/neutered, brought up-to-date on their rabies & distemper vaccines, tested negative for feline aids (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV) and their bloodwork looks perfect. SNOW was not an angel at the vet and needed to be sedated, but we had already prepared the vet for that in advance. The good news is that since we’ve already done everything SNOW won't need to go back to the vet any time soon, which will give his new owner time to establish a bond before his next vet visit.

We are looking for that special person who is patient and kind and willing to invest whatever amount of time SNOW needs to reach his full potential. We feel confident that once he’s in his forever home with his "person" he will flourish into an amazing companion just like he did with his previous owner.

If you’re the angel SNOW is waiting for please submit an online application to adopt a cat. He is being fostered in New Milford, CT.