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Ted (Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Black Mouth Cur and Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix



TED was rescued from New York City Animal Care & Control in January 2019. We don't know much about how he got there, except that he was found in New York as a stray but has an unregistered microchip from Virginia.

The couple who adopted TED love him very much and went out of there way to give him what he needs. Unfortunately, what TED needs is to not live in New York City. The noise and chaos of Manhattan proved too much for TED and he was a nervous wreck.

His family sought the help of trainers, behavioralists, and veterinarians, but all they could offer was to medicate TED with trazadone and prozac, and that didn't even help.

TED is a loveable dog who adores humans! He will thrive in a country or suburban home with a fenced in yard he can run around in. He just doesn't do well in an urban environment.

We sent TED to John Gagnon's Pet Resort in Colchester, CT for a formal evaluation. We wanted to see how he'd do outside of the city, and also find out if he could live with with other dogs.

TED really likes other dogs, but he plays really rough. If the other dog tries to correct him, TED's energy level will escalate, so we do not feel he is best suited to live in a home with other dogs. He has not been tested with cats.

TED is a young, approximately 2 years old (born in 2017) Black Mouth Cur/ Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix weighing 65 lbs. He is both super playful and incredibly cuddly and loving. If he’s really sleepy and you sit on the floor with him, he’ll either inch as close to you as possible or actually sit in your lap! TED can’t be close enough and he’ll take all of the snuggles, pats, and belly rubs you’re willing to give him.

TED is incredibly smart and picks up on obedience and tricks very easily. In a few short weeks he learned: touch, sit, lay down, shake, stay/wait, and kennel. He’s especially good at learning hand signals for those commands. He can hold his “stay” position for a very long time, but looks closely for your signal so he can collect his treats or affection as approval. 

TED would THRIVE in an agility or scent training class, as he needs both mental and physical stimulation, but it's also a wonderful tool for building a dogs' confidence.

TED is also VERY good at catching things! Even the vet was impressed with his precision. He loves squeaky/plush toys. While he will render the squeaker silent pretty quickly, he loves carrying, throwing, and chasing them. He also loves having a lot of extra material to nest and make his own bed until it’s the perfect set up for a long nap.

When he wakes up he has the biggest stretches! He’s a yoga dog - always curling himself into the funniest positions and poses.

TED loves puzzles and treat games and you’ll be so impressed at how quickly he figures everything out. TED is one smart pup! He’s fine in the car and will either look out the window or curl up for a nap.

If you would like to adopt TED, please click here to submit an online application to adopt a dog.

TED is currently being boarded at Black Birch Farm in Milford, CT.  He needs a forever home ASAP!