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Tommy & Pee Wee (Waterbury)

Type of Animal: 

TOMMY & PEE WEE are bonded brothers. They are at least 7 years old, maybe older, but they are in good health and have bright dreams for their future.

TOMMY & PEE WEE are the victims of a family that simply fell apart. There was neglect, disregard, but there was also love.  When things things were falling apart, a family member stepped in and took the dogs with him out of a really bad situation, even though he had just become homeless. They walked for several miles in the middle of the night to a a friends house and then spent two ights in a motel while they figured things out. We got the call and went into action.

We set the boys up in an amazing foster home in Waterbury with another dog and two cats, who they appear to get along with just fine.

TOMMY & PEE WEE were completely traumatized when they arrived, but now that they've had time to settle in they are loving their new life.  Their foster home has a beautiful fenced in back yard - something TOMMY & PEE WEE have never had, and they LOVE IT!  We would like to see them go to a home with a fenced in yard, but also one where their people will walk them, as they seem to enjoy it. They also like car rides.

TOMMY is the taller of the two and wearing the blue collar (and orange bow tie). PEE WEE is stockier and wearing a black & red collar.  They are super tightly bonded, but they also grumble at each other like an old married couple. They are hilarious!

They love to snuggle with their humans on the couch, look out the window, lay in the sun on the deck, investigate their yard, and all around enjoy life.

We have taken them to the vet for a full workup, including bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal, rabies and distemper vaccines, microchips, and they are neutered. If interested, please submit an online application to adopt a dog. They are being fostered in Waterbury, CT.