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Twitch (New Milford)

Type of Animal: 
Chihuahua Mix

Meet TWITCH. He was born approximately 10.01.2021, weighs 6 lbs, and is a Chihuahua mix.

TWITCH came to us after being rescued from a free website. He was having neurological symptoms and needed extensive medical diagnostics as well as neutering. TWITCH has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which is predisposed in the Chihuahua breed, but it's also possible he had a secondary head trauma that initially made his symptoms worse.

TWITCH is a "special needs" dog only in the sense that he has hydrocephalus, which means there is some fluid in a cavitiy of his brain. This causes him to "shake" a bit and sometimes walk in wide circles. It's much more noticeable when he is under stress, which is probably why it was so evident when he first came in. He was absolutely terrified, and we don't blame him. He also appears to have some kneecap issues which can cause him to be a tad unsteady on occasion.

TWITCH is being fostered by two staff members from our vet. He goes to work with them every day where he has not only received excellent vet care, but he is played with and held by multiple people throughout the day, which has helped him come out of his shell over the past month.

TWITCH loves being held. He may be shy when meeting new people, but once he knows you he loves you, and if you will hold him, even better. He's a big snuggler. He is good with cats and dogs, and lives with both cats and large and small dogs in his two foster homes.

We do not receommend small children for TWITCH because he is both tiny and we don't want him to be bounced around (especially because with his delicate skull), but he's also a bit reactive to poking and prodding. He currently needs to be muzzled at the vet or completely knocked out for extensive care, so little kids are not a good idea.

Protecting his skull from future injury is key. He can still play with other dogs, but he should be monitored going up and down stairs and of course don't let the other dogs stomp all over him.

TWITCH has been neutered, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, tested negative for heartworm and tick born viruses, and he's had bloodwork, x-rays, cranial ultrasound, as well as a consult and treatment with a homeopathic vet.  All veterinary records, including a transcript between our primary vet and a series of specialists will be provided to his adopter.

He has done really well with his potty training, but wears a belly band if he's going to be wandering around on his own for extended periods inside. He always goes poop outside, and will pee outside as long as you take him out every hour or so.

TWITCH is being fostered in New Milford, CT. If you are patient, loving, and experienced with chihuahuas, TWITCH is waiting for you. Submit an online application to a adopt a dog now.