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Blue & Munch (Shelton)

Type of Animal: 
Russian Blue and White DSH Tabby



Back in late 2013 Passion 4 Paws adopted out two little kittens named BLUE & WHITELY. They were not related to each other, but are the same age and had formed a tight bond in their foster home and were adopted out as a bonded pair.

Back then, BLUE was sweet and gentle and outgoing. WHITELY was a little bit shy, but just as sweet as BLUE.

They were adopted to a young couple and moved on to what we believed would be a glorious life together. But alas, behind closed doors things were not perfect. For a time things were ok, but then took a turn for the worse during the summer of 2017. First there was a move to a new home to make room for the baby that was on her way. Then the baby was born prematurely and tension in the home was higher than ever. There was an escalation of substance abuse, verbal and physical abuse towards the wife, and eventually she had to flee the marriage, leaving behind her beloved cats.

But before that happened, the stress had taken a toll on BLUE & WHITELY, who had been renamed MUNCH after his adoption.

Poor MUNCH had always been a sensitive cat. The stress he was enduring caused him to begin to lick and chew his fur until lick granulomas (open, oozing sores) appeared all over his body. His legs, elbows, even his entire lower abdomen was one large open sore. The condition is called eosinophyllic granuloma complex and in Munch's case, was perpetuated by severe stress.

His owners took him to the vet, but all the vet ever did was inject MUNCH with steroids and eventually prescribed a chemotherapy drug called Atopica which is often used in animals with allergies. None of those toxic drugs worked, because MUNCH didn't have allergies. He was living in a psychological hell and the only way he knew how to deal with it was to chew himself raw.

In early March 2019 we were finally contacted by the previous owner. Her ex had texted to say the cats needed to be gone by the time he got home or he was going to "dump" them. FINALLY they were rescued from their situation and returned to their original foster home.

But the two sweet, trusting, innocent kittens we'd adopted out over 5 years ago came back to us a different cats. BLUE is less trusting. He hides, but comes out when it's just you and him. MUNCH, well, you'll see his wounds in the video.

Both cats came back obese and eating low quality cat food, but since being back have dropped some weight and look really good now. MUNCH's wounds are healing without toxic drugs. He's loving his new life and both cats are settled in and coming out of their shells.

They are finally ready to find a new home. One that is peaceful and quiet, no yelling and stress. A home that will love and cherish these two boys for the rest of their lives.

BLUE & MUNCH get along with others cats and a mellow, cat-loving 50 lb pit bull mix in their foster home, but wouldn't mind going to a home without other animals.

BLUE & MUNCH are a bonded pair and must remain together.

To adopt BLUE & MUNCH please click here to submit an online application to adopt a cat. They are vetted and FIV/FeLV negative and being fostered in Shelton, CT.