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Type of Animal: 
Grey & White Striped Tabby

Quella was rescued from a location in Danielson, CT where there were more than 100 cats.  Passion 4 Paws rescued 120 of them.

Quella was born approximately December 2013. She was named Quella because when she first arrived at our shelter she was so afraid of people we joked that she needed to be "quelled".

Quella loves other cats and will do best in a home with at least one other cat-friendly cat. She really enjoys being petted and we are very pleased with her socialization. Even when perfectly terrorized, Quella is never aggressive. She just freezes and is easy to handle.

In one of the photos you can see her getting a bath the day she arrived at our shelter. She didn't enjoy being submerged in the water but she didn't fight the bath at all. Quella arrived filthy and infested with more than 200 fleas. She was combed and picked  clean and then thrown in the bucket and she accepted it all without a hiss, scratch, bite, or even meow.  She's a good cat who will blossom in a patient, quiet home.

To adopt Quella please click here to submit an online application to adopt a cat.