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Type of Animal: 
American Staffordshire Terrier Mix



Meet ELLA BELLA the magnificent!

On 5/29/2022 we received the call from one of our veterinarians, who had seen a sweet, 8 month old puppy named BELLA (we have since renamed her ELLA), who had been vomiting profusely and unable to keep any food or water down for the past 6 days. She was dehydrated, in immense pain, and she was literally dying.

Since this was a dire emergency, our vet referred ELLA directly to Pieper Memorial for emergency surgery and where she could receive 24-hour care, but for some reason ELLA’s owners decided they were just going to go home where the boyfriend could “take care of it”.

Approximately one month earlier ELLA had been hit by a car and had to have hip surgery to remove her femoral head. The fur hadn’t even fully grown back from that surgery when this happened, so our vet contacted Animal Control who tracked ELLA down and forced her owners to surrender her.

And that's where we came in.

ELLA had emergency surgery to remove a large, hard, marshmallow-looking object that the vet was unable to identify.

Her life saving surgery was paid for through the generous donations of our supporters, animal lovers, and Biker's Against Animal Cruelty who came to the rescue at the end and made sure we met our goal.

After that ELLA spent a few weeks recovering before moving to our shelter.

ELLA has fully recovered and is making up for her lost puppyhood! She is a 60 lb super high energy puppy who needs an experienced large-breed person or family that will spend time with her, exercise her a lot, and continue her training so she can become the best version of herself. ELLA would thrive in agility training! She loves to run, swim, and play fetch, so an obstacle course would truly make her day.

ELLA has a heart of gold and she loves to play! It's hard to capture a photo of her without a toy in her mouth.

A fenced in yard would be ideal so ELLA can run and run and burn off energy, but she can easily jump a 4' fence, so keep that in mind. She couldn't be left outside alone in a fenced yard unless the fence was 5'-6' stockade.

Because ELLA missed out on doggy obedience training during her formative months, we sent her to work with renowned dog trainer Paul Deschamp at Wild Harbor Canine ( Paul has been working with dogs like ELLA for decades, and concurs that ELLA is a great dog and he's impressed by her abilities. However, he notes that she needs to go to an experienced home with someone who has good training resources. If you are in the Cotuit, MA area, you can continue to work with Paul.

Paul has written an in-depth evaluation report on ELLA which outlines the best training and exercise activities, etc best suited to her. We will share it with her prospective adopter.

ELLA's primary activity is fetch. She loves to chase her ball. Slow, structured walks are also good, but daily fetch is a necessity. This can be done on a long lead or in a fenced yard.

ELLA will not do well in a home with cats or other small animals! We weren't sure about large dogs so we sent her to Gagnon's Pet Resort in Colchester, CT for a formal dod-dog evaluation and doggy daycare, and she loved it! While living in a home with another dog may not be ideal, ELLA wouldn't mind attending doggy daycare. That would certainly burn off some of her puppy energy.

Kids will be fine, just no small children because ELLA has no clue about her size whatsoever, and will knock a little kid right over without even realizing it. (Did we mention she's a giant puppy who needs to burn off energy and training...?)

ELLA is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, negative for heartworm & tick born illnesses, and she's microchipped.

ELLA has had a hard life up until now, so a patient, loving home is exactly what this sweet dog needs.

To adopt or even foster ELLA, please go to and submit an online application to adopt a dog. If you'd be interested in fostering her, just write "FOSTER ELLA" on the line where it asks which dog you are interested in.

ELLA is currently being fostered in Dayville, CT, but she also travels to Cape Cod with her foster family.