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Hi everyone.  We are an overwhelmed group of volunteers who spend our time rescuing and caring for the animals, and our ability to post NEWS regularly on this page has been affected. Our FACEBOOK page is alive & well and we invite you to join us there.  Just click here or go to and discover what we've been up to. 

Congratulations Reesie!

Reesie was adopted today!  She will not move into her new home until next week, but she is officially adopted.  Her plan is to spend the coming days hanging out with her siblings Jackson, Timmy, and Front Row (still available for adoption), as well as the other cats and dog that live in her foster home.  Canine kitty daddy Neville is going to be very sad to see his little Reesie leave the nest, but he knows it's time for her to be blessed with a family of her own.  We are so happy for you Reesie

Congratulations Gianni!

Congratulations Gianni MerolaGianni and his new dad Mike will keep each other company watching football, baseball, and other sporting events.  In fact, they made it home just in time for the Red Sox game. Have a great life Gianni!

Looking Good Heather!

Heather's new mom Barbara just sent us this picture of Heather lounging on the couch.  She reports that Heather is hiding less as she becomes more comfortable in her new home.  Heather is the first one up for breakfast each morning, and even though she and Nicky each have their own plates, they prefer to eat from the same one. They like to share the litter box too, but other than that (according to Barb) they act lilke they've never met!

Congratulations Monkey!

Just delivered MISS MONKEY DEVOE to her new home! She joins mom Kristen, dad Edward, and canine sister Addison (who will most likely become her new best friend within the next 24-48 hours). Monkey is a big dog lover, so she was very excited to be adopted into a home with a friendly dog. Congratulations MONKEY!

Harper Update

When we adopted Harper out just over a month ago she weighed 9 lbs.  Ten days later she weighed 13 lbs.  We went to visit her the other night and she has practically doubled in size, weighing in at a whopping 21 lbs!  Oh my goodness, she's gonna be a big girl!  And she was so happy to see us, which makes us feel very good inside.  She is in the perfect home and we couldn't be happier for her.  Keep in touch Harper!

Congratulations Alfalfa & Spanky!

Adopted together just a few weeks ago!  

Congratulations Heather!

Gentle Heather came in with her kittens a few months ago.  Of course the kittens were all adopted out immediately, but Heather, just a baby herself at under a year old, was overlooked time after time.  Until now!  New mom Barbara came to our kitten adoption event last Saturday, but wisely decided to adopt an adult cat to be a companion to her cat Nicky.  We applaud Barbara for making that decision since adult and senior cats are so often overlooked in the shelters.

Tuxy Update

Just received a lovely photo of Tuxy sleeping on mom Sylvie's bed. Tuxy was just adopted a few weeks ago!

Congratulations Toby!

CONGRATULATIONS TOBY!!! You're adopted!!! It doesn't get much better than this, does it?


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