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Congratulations Mr. Clean & Mr. Dirty!

ADOPTED TOGETHER! Mr. Clean & Mr. Dirty have left the urban Waterbury life behind for the laid back New Milford Countryside! This morning they moved into their new home and were happily greeted by their new canine brother, Australian Shepherd Murphy. Murphy has been blue since losing his beloved cat, but now he's doubly happy with the adoption of his new brothers. In fact, as soon as Mr.

See Ya Later, Little Tater!

TATER TOT has been adopted!  He is now basking in the affection of new mom Jolene, Aunt Tina, and feline "Mittens".  In return he will forever occupy their laps and shower them with his undying love and companionship. Congratulations everyone! You all scored big time!

Congratulations Cupcake & Butterscotch!

Cupcake & Butterscotch look pretty darn happy in their new home! Butterscotch knew a good thing when she saw it, and took it upon herself to ensure that Cupcake reaped the rewards too. They are truly "besties forever" now that they have been adopted together into a great family.

Congratulations Jane!

ADOPTED!!!  JANE has moved into her new home in Danbury, CT.  She joins dad Michael, mom Maureen, human brother Ethan, feline brother Jackie, and canine sister Kimmy in their lovely home with big sunny windows and lots of rooms to explore. Over the past week JANE has been making herself at home, finding secluded spots to nap in, as well as occupying her new humans laps whenever she feels they need attention. We checked in on her the other day and she seems pretty happy with her adoption. Good luck JANE!

Congratulations Rusty & Oscar!

OSCAR (formerly Marchand) and RUSTY (formerly Buckwheat) are now brothers and living life to the fullest. It's hard to believe that the beautiful, healthy looking Rusty was just a few short weeks ago a very sick little kitten. Thank you Dr. Robin Cannizzaro for saving his life so he can enjoy this fabulous home!

Congratulations Dottie & Race Track!

Dottie & Race Track have moved to Roxbury! The vaulted ceilings in their home will accommodate one very cool cat walk, and new dad Cory (a talented wood worker) is already planning the design. Congratulations everyone! Have a great life together.

Phoenix: Adopted after waiting 5 years!

Phoenix was left behind when his family moved years ago. The neighbors regularly left food on their porch for their cats, so he didn't starve, but he almost died when he was attacked by a fisher cat. The attack on Phoenix was one of the worst attack-cases we have ever seen (and we've seen a lot). When he arrived at Passion 4 Paws, Phoenix had a massive infection and wounds all over his body.

Congratulations Bob & Callie!

Another great adoption! Bob & Callie have relocated to Sherman, CT where they have an amazing view of the Connecticut countryside right outside their window. Within 30 seconds of arrival they were being showered with attention from sisters Ari & Maddy and loving every minute of it. CONGRATULATIONS BOB & CALLIE!

Congratulations Mustachio & Charlie!

Congratulations Mustachio (now Allister) and Charlie (now Bigsby) for getting adopted into such a fabulous home TOGETHER! Karen and Tony...we told you it would be hard to choose! Thank you for opening your hearts to two wonderful cats! They will fill your home with joy. Keep us posted!

Congratulations Ben!

We are on a roll!  After 6 long years, Big Ben has been adopted!  New mom Rene' and dad Al are fabulous and Ben is looking forward to living out his golden years in a loving home!  Congratulations Ben!


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