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Passion 4 Paws...and talons?

Nick may not have paws, but we were still commited to helping this African Grey find his forever home.  Nick's new mom Kristina writes, "Nick has us all wrapped very tightly around his tiny toes!!!!  My other little parrot, Kenny has really adjusted well to Nick, and even calls 'Nick!'  At 5:30 every morning Nick shares a banana with my husband.  At 7:00 sharp he yells 'OUT'!!  He enjoys playing chase the ball, and tug a war with my sons and a paper towel roll!"  Well Nick.  It certainly so

Fluffy has left the building!

What a great week!  Beautiful, senior (and special needs) Fluffy got adopted!  According to his new mom Pat, "Fluffy (now named Chilli) is one confidant cat!  He has made friends with my other 2 cats, Marmalade and Chutney, who seem to respect him.  They watch with sad faces as he eats his helping of canned food but don't try to share.

Charlotte got adopted!

Congratulations to Charlotte who has adusted beautifully to her new home.  Mom Janis reports that Charlotte became fast friends with her cat Jenny, and is very diplomatically building a peaceful alliance with her other cat Josie.  "I knew the first few weeks would be rough going, but she's doing way better than I thought she would!"  Way to go Charlotte!  You deserve a wonderful life!  Thank you Janis, for opening your home to Charlotte.


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