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Patience Is a Virtue

For years Milady was the queen of Passion 4 Paws. Coveted afar by every adopter.  But after surviving horrible neglect, Milady was sassy and stand-offish; friends were made on her terms, not ours. But that didn't stop this feisty senior from finding her forever home. After less than two months, Milady's mom Deb happily reports, "Milady continues to blossom! At first she lived up to her aristocratic name - to which I added Persnickity. She was aloof and holding everyone at bay with her hissing. I was worried about her erratic eating, but found her preferred food (Weruva) and, at the holistic pet store owner's suggestion, added salmon oil to improve her overall health and disposition. In recent weeks I have not heard a single hiss; I've caught her tearing around rooms at top speed and batting toys and balls around; her appetite is excellent and consistent; and she demands attention with head butts. She has settled in very nicely and has come so much further than I thought possible!"  Deb, thank you for seeing the loving soul beneath the harsh fascade.  We wish you all the best.  Keep the updates coming.

GiveLitter™ Contest Huge Success!

The GiveLitter™ Contest received so many votes that the goal of donating up to 100,000 pounds of litter was reached a whole week early! Passion 4 Paws wants to thank all of our supporters for voting! We didn't win the top spot, but we will be receiving several pallets of free litter, which will go a long way at our shelter.

GiveLitter™ Round 6 - Let The Voting Begin!

World's Best Cat Litter GiveLitter™ program is donating thousands of pounds of cat litter to sixteen animal shelters across the country! Select Passion 4 Paws as your charity and vote online daily at For every vote, World's Best Cat Litter™ will donate one pound of litter to the chosen charity; up to 100,000 pounds of litter total!  In the end, each shelter will receive litter according to how many votes they receive. You can also donate additional litter by "liking" the official World's Best Cat Litter™ Facebook page. Voting is free and will run from April 17th to April 30th. Please ask your friends to support Passion 4 Paws by voting for us!

2 Minutes of Your Time Could Help Us Win $1000.00!

Passion 4 Paws can win $1,000.00. Helping us will just take two minutes of your time. CLICK HERE to add the Good Search GoodApp to your computer. The cause with the most GoodApps wins! Please forward this to your family and friends so they can help us too. $1,000 will make a big difference in the work we do!  Thank you!

Online Shopping Supports Passion 4 Paws! is an online shopping conduit which allows you to shop your favorite online retailers via iGive's website. In turn, iGive donates a portion of your purchase payment back to your designated charity. All you have to do is select Passion 4 Paws as your charity of choice! iGive will handle everything else.  It's an easy way to support your favorite charity through your regular online purchases. CLICK HERE to see this weeks' special deals.  LEARN MORE ABOUT iGIVE.

World's Best Cat Litter is Truly the BEST!

Thank you World's Best Cat Litter for donating three pallets of WBCL to our shelter.  WBCL is not only our FAVORITE cat litter, it is environmentally friendly, and this donation is greatly appreciated.

Next week WBCL will kick off another GiveLitter™ contest, a program that helps cat lovers donate thousands of pounds of WBCL to shelters across the country.  This contest will result in WBCL's largest donation yet – up to 100,000 pounds of cat litter!  Please support Passion 4 Paws by voting for us.  Every vote during the two-week contest will equal one pound of free litter for Passion 4 Paws!  

The Story of Auntie Goose

Ten years ago someone thoughtlessly dumped a gaggle of domestic geese at a local reservoir.  We found homes for all but one of the geese, who we call Auntie GooseAuntie Goose prefers to live with, and mentor the Canadian Geese who also live there. Each year she adopts one couple, and helps them raise their young.  Auntie Goose will honk and hiss to ward off any potential evil that comes near her adoptive family, and remains constantly by their sides. Our attempts to catch Auntie Goose have been unsuccessful.  She is not a very friendly goose. Oh sure, she'll come around expecting food...

Farewell to Moe

Our condolences go out to Mike and Andrea Malone on the loss of Moe, a Passion 4 Paws alumni (shown with his best friend Midnight).  Mike and Andrea, thank you for opening your hearts to Moe.  You gave him a wonderful life, full of love and joy, and the gift of family. Rest in peace Moe.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Mercy!

Former Passion 4 Paws resident Mercy, has just celebrated her 2 year anniversary!  Mom Mary writes, "Just wanted to drop you a note expressing how wonderful life is with Mercy!  She is so healthy and happy. (Me too!!)  She had her 6 month check-up on Friday and passed with flying colors!"  Mercy was one of our special needs kitties.  She has hyperthyroidism, but is completely regulated with a daily pill.  Congratulations Mercy!

Passion 4 Paws has a new look!

We hope you like our new look! We couldn't have done it without some extraordinary individuals: Terri Haas, whose vision and talent brought our new logo to life. Suzanne Palys of TreeFrog Communicationswho designed our dog and cat graphics. Sam Cohen, of New Media Solutions, who hooked us up with his fabulous web designer, Kevin McConnaughay.  Kevin took our sketches and created this amazing website.  A website that we are very proud of, and far surpasses our expectations. We will continue to develop it's content so it can become a resource for adopters and prospective adopters alike.  Have a suggestion?  Want to see something special?  Send us an email with your idea, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.


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