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Congratulations Stretch!

There is truly someone for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a while for them to find each other. Stretch has waited his entire life (13 years!) to be chosen. Then this amazing woman fell in love with his online profile. In spite of potential issues, she wanted to give him a loving home.

Congratulations Snaggletooth!

Adopted and doing great!  Snaggle waited 11 years for his forever home and now that he's found it he isn't looking back!  New mom Amanda reports that Snaggle and his canine brother Moose are becoming the best of friends. While Amanda is at work Snaggle snoozes on the bed and at night he snuggles right up and keeps her company.  Way to go Snaggles!  Enjoy your new, awesome life!

Congratulations NOVA!

Congratulations to Nova (aka Baby Ben) who was adopted just in time to enjoy his first Christmas with his new family.  Even better, Nova gets to live happily ever after wtih his best gal pal Opal, who was adopted by the same family just a couple of weeks ago.   

Congratulations Scooter!

Christmas came early for Scooter, who was adopted today to a wonderful family! Scooter will celebrate the holidays with rescued canine brother Jack, two rescued bunnies, and two rescued birds. Thank you Lorayne, Bob, and Tina for adopting him! 


Happy Holidays Opal!

It's a wonderful life for Opal, who has been adopted just in time to celebrate the holidays in a loving home!  Congratulations Opal and Sarah!

Aidan & Quinn Update

It's hard to belive that just a few short weeks ago Aidan & Quinn were teeny tiny little kittens.  Look at them now all grown up and pictured with doting big sister Brynn, who loves them to pieces.  Congratulations Q & A on your new home!  We miss you guys!

Walter Update

Remember Jocelyn's kitten Walter?  Here he is in his new home hanging out with his canine brother.  Congratulations Walter!  You are one very blessed kitty to have found such a wonderful home!

Congratulations Mousse!

Another adoption success!  This time for Mousse, a lovable cat rescued after Super Storm Sandy.  As you can see, Mousse has settled into his new home beautifully.  He's pictured here with big sister Elin, who seems to like Mousse just fine.  Congratulations Mousse and Elin!

Ani's Adoption Update

Little Ani is living large these days in her fabulous new home. New parents Cindy and Mark love her to pieces and report that she fits right in. Feline big sisters Molly (19) and Izzy (4 1/2) are teaching her the ropes. Ani is one very lucky kitty!


Adopt Scooter!

Calling all dog lovers! Please share Scooter and help us find him a forever home. He is an awesome little dog who would make a perfect companion for a retired person. He just wants someone to call his own. To see his full profile click here.



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