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Tweeny & Tubby: Ready For Adoption!

Tweeny & Tubby are ready for their forever home.  If you or anyone you know would like to adopt these gorgeous kittens, please submit an online application to adopt now. 

Passion 4 Paws Charity Wines ~ Share a Bottle and Share Our Story

Passion 4 Paws is pleased to introduce our new line of charity wines, brought to you in partnership with Benefit Wines.  Our delectable lineup includes six certified organic, vegan friendly wines ~ Chardonnay, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir, produced on a free-trade vineyard in Lontue Valley, Chile.  A Special Edition Premium Napa Red Blend is hand harvested and estate grown in the Napa Valley.  A significant portion of each purchase is donated to Passion 4 Paws and supports us in our mission to rescue homeless, abandoned, neglected, or abused cats and dogs.  So please, share a bottle of wine and share our story with everyone you know and help save the life of an animal.   CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE or call (978) 297-5477...

Receive FREE Adoption Kit from World's Best Cat Litter!

JUNE IS ADOPT A CAT MONTH, and Passion 4 Paws has many beautiful cats and kittens available for adoption.  Thanks to World's Best Cat Litter (our favorite brand of cat litter), our next 50 adopters will receive a FREE WBCL Adoption Kit including:

  • One 7 lb bag of WBCL Clumping Formula
  • Signature Litter Scoop
  • Informative Brochure
  • Link to receive a $3.00 coupon applicable to all three WBCL cat litter formulas

Click VIEW ADOPTABLE PETS to meet your new best friend.

The Pixelater's Have Been Adopted!

We are thrilled to report that The Pixelater's (aka Pixie's Kitten's) have been adopted!  New mom Kara shares, "The kittens are doing great! They have wasted no time in getting comfortable in their new home. At the moment they are chasing each other around and jumping off the couches like acrobats :) They are just so cute and playful. My cat Gus was a little leery at first, but he has already started to warm up to them and I think that in a few days they're all going to be best friends."  Best of luck to all of you!  Please keep us posted.

Meet The Pixelater's!

Misty Blue Wants to Meet You!

Misty has a sensational personality. She is one of our resident greeters, meeting staff and visitors at the door with a friendly hello.  Misty has some bowel issues which are completely manageable with special food and medicine, but has ultimately caused her to be passed over time after time. If you don't mind feeding her a special diet and medication, Misty is your girl, and she will pay you back with love and affection for the rest of her days.

Meet Clyde

Clyde is 8 years young.  A shy boy, he will do best in a quiet home.  He loves other cats and would love to have a companion. Pictured below is Clyde with his friend Dahlia. (Dahlia's expression is priceless!)

Aunty Goose Update

For those of you following the story of Aunty Goose (see our March 31st post), she stopped by for some dinner and a photo shoot the other day with her adoptive family in tow. We are happy to report that Auntie Goose has completely recovered and is back to her usual cantankerous self.  Here she is honking at the photographer for getting too close to her babies!

Columbia says, "Thank you for adopting me!"

Columbia has been adopted! After a shy beginning, she emerged from hiding to give her new daddy a proper thank you for adopting her. Dongwoo and Columbia, best of luck to the both of you and keep the photos coming!  Check out Columbia's video:

Pixie Goes Home

Congratulations to Momma Pixie, who got adopted this weekend after stealing the hearts of Ryan & Meghan!  Ryan reports that Pixie is doing well in her new home. "She hid under the bed the majority of the evening until I went to bed. Once the lights were off, she jumped up on the bed and stood on my chest. Today she's been up and about without issue, and she loves to receive attention."  Thank you Ryan & Meghan for giving Pixie the home she deserves. Pixie's two kittens are still available for adoption.


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